The Start of a Blog

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Posted: 2023-02-02

Hello and welcome to my first ever blogpost!

During late autumn of 2022 I started building this blog as a hobby project to learn more about Python, Flask and web development. After 2 months of work and learning a ton I now feel ready to start using my creation as a tool for documenting my learning journey on a variety of topics.

To start I will probably write about this website, how it came to be and its different features in (hopefully) bite-sized pieces. But as I progress I will very likely write about other programming related topics, music production and possibly some design work. All hobbies I want to learn more about and maybe inspire someone else (that's you!) in the process.

This entire website is open-source and the code is hosted on github. So if you have any thoughts or suggestions for improvements or new features please open an issue or a pull request there. Looking forward to hearing from you.

That's all for this time. Have a good one!